Daily Habits That Have Changed My Life

Stay On Top Of Things

For a long time now I have been trying to start and stick to new habits, I found it challenging to start with but I am so pleased I did it. I started all of this because I began reading a lot into the habits of successful people and how habits can change your life. I decided I wanted to create a few new habits for myself that would help me gain some control over my life and allow me to stay on top of things. 

So I set out on my journey, I started many different habits over a while and found many different ways to stick to them and keep myself motivated. After making all of these new habits I began to realise some weren’t necessary and some didn’t help me. I altered them to suit me and my goals better. 

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My Daily Habits

This is the full list of all of the daily habits I do that have helped me change my life.

5 Minute Clean

This was the first habit I started, I was sick and tired of my room being messy and it taking ages for me to clean it. So I decided at the end of every day I would set a timer on my phone for 5 minutes. I would clean for 5 minutes and once the timer went off I could stop. This was normally just enough time for me to tidy everything up. If I still had a few things to put away I normally would. I would do this because I am already cleaning up and I always find the hardest thing about cleaning my room is me not in the mood to do so. 

This has helped me so much as it is super easy and quite fun too, I like to think of it as a challenge to so if I can clean my room in five minutes. Another way you could do this is to play one song and clean your room for the length of the song. 

Take My Vitamins

I don’t know about you but I am rubbish at taking my vitamins. I take them somedays but then might not take them again for a while. So I decided to make it part of my daily schedule, make a habit of it. I bought a tablet box with the days on it, I fill that once a week and I find that when all of my vitamins are together in that container it is much easier for me and I can see then whether I have taken my vitamins for the day or not. 

Make My Bed Every Morning

The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is make my bed. I love doing this as it sets a good mood for the rest of my day. It also makes my room feel much calmer and tidier. It also makes me a lot less likely to get back into bed until the night time, I hate messing up a freshly made bed.

Daily To Do List

I write myself a to-do list every single morning for the day. This makes sure that I stay on top of things and once I have written something on my to-do list I have to complete it. This also helps me to stay motivated during the day and get me up and moving rather than sitting still doing nothing all day.

Gratitude Journal

I write in my gratitude journal every single morning without fail, I love it so much. Keeping a gratitude journal has allowed me to change the way I think and see things. I write down at least three things and sometimes more that I am grateful for.

Write In My Journal

Most of the time my brain is going 100 miles an hour and I can barely concentrate on anything. This is why I started journaling, I wanted to block out some time every single day to allow myself to write down anything and everything that is going on inside my head. It helps me to work through anything I am stuck on and make sense of my thoughts.

If you would like to start journaling but don’t know how I have written a five-part series all about journaling and how to start. I break down everything and tell you all that you need to know. 

Sit Still

As previously mentioned my brain is normally going 100 miles an hour and sometimes my body is too. So every day I like to block off a chunk of time (15 minutes or so) for me to sit still. I am very lucky because my bed is right in my window so I can sit on my bed open my window for some fresh air and relax. I like to try and sit still for as long as possible and just process my thoughts or let my mind wander. I find doing this allows me to calm myself and slow down a little bit.

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My Habits

Starting all of these tiny little habits has helped me improve my life so much. I feel much better in myself and am much more content now. I also feel like I am more in control in my own life, whereas sometimes before I felt like I was always rushing and trying to catch up with everything that was going on. 

I hope this has inspired you to start some new habits, if you do please tell me, I’d love to know!

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