Creating A Schedule

Why Create A Schedule?

Creating a schedule can be very beneficial to you and help you become more productive and organised. I love creating schedules as it helps me complete everything I need to get done in the day. I have a morning routine and night routine and then a schedule for my days too. It also makes it super easy for me as I don’t have to think about what to do next as I already know what I have to do. 

Is A Schedule For Me?

Some people love knowing what they are doing every minute of the day and others don’t but I think everyone should have a schedule. Having a schedule doesn’t mean every minute of your day has to be planned. I like to just do a rough plan, so all of the basic things and things I need to do are set in stone and then I can do whatever I want with the rest of my time. Creating your own schedule that is catered to you completely is super easy to do when you know the right steps.

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Easy Steps To Create Your Routine

Make a List

This is the first step and often the easiest, make a list of things you need to do every single day. It can be as simple as, make the bed, load the dishwasher and do yoga. Whatever you think is important to you, write it down. If you want to write little things down you can but if not you can just write down bigger tasks. I personally like to write down all the little tasks too just so I can see them all written down. 

Choose An Order

After writing down all the things you want to get done in your day you will need to pick an order to do these things in. One of my tips is if it is something big that perhaps takes a lot of effort like exercising or doing a load of washing the best time to do this is in the morning. You normally have more energy and motivation in the morning so getting the more taxing things out the way first is a good idea.

Another tip is to do the more relaxing things at night time, so if you want to start a new hobby of reading or meditating a good time to do this is in the evening. Completing these kinds of tasks before you go to bed can be relaxing and help you sleep a little better.

Choose A Time Frame

I find it super helpful to choose a time frame for my schedule, for example waking at a certain time and completing my morning routine and then starting another activity at a certain time. I love doing this as I know what I should be doing at what time of the day. I don’t normally follow this strictly but just use the time as a rough guide of where I should be in the day. Some people may prefer not to time anything, some are very strict with the timing and others just use the time as a rough guide. Trial and error to find what works best for you is the best way to decide. 

Pick and Choose

My schedule is pretty detailed but I still set myself some free time. I have a few hours during the day that I can pick and choose to do whatever I want to do, depending on how I am feeling. I have an hour blocked off every day to do a self-care activity. I wrote down a gigantic list of different self-care activities I could do and I just pick one every day. I have other time blocked off for me to read, watch tv, talk to friends or family or just do whatever I like. I find this very helpful to have time blocked off for me to do whatever I like, it has helped me stick to my schedule better as I know roughly what I can do when and it keeps me motivated to continue and keep up with my schedule. 

Test It

One of the best and easiest ways to see if your routine works for you is to test it out. Move things around and alter them until it suits you. It is difficult to find the perfect routine for yourself without testing it, by testing it you’ll find that you prefer doing certain things in a certain order. Testing your schedule will allow you to cater it perfectly and make it enjoyable for yourself.

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Your Schedule

Using these steps you should be able to come up with the perfect schedule for yourself. It is extremely important to remember that a schedule is just a guide, you don’t need to follow it exactly every day as sometimes things happen or you just don’t feel like it. Creating a schedule for yourself should help you make your life a little bit easier not harder. So ensure that the schedule you make is right for you, that it doesn’t overwhelm you and that it suits you perfectly. 


I hope you enjoyed this and that this has helped you create a schedule for yourself. If you have any more tips and tricks please let me know!

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