How To Deal With Irrational Worries

What Is An Irrational Worry?

Everybody will have some irrational worries from time to time, but some people have them more severely. They are things people worry about which are nowhere near likely to happen. They can be extreme and quite scary sometimes. They can sometimes be completely ridiculous too, I heard someone say before, that they were worried that aliens were going to come down to earth and make her late for work one morning. Irrational worries very rarely actually happen so it is important to keep this in mind.

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How Do Irrational Worries Appear In Everyday Life?

Everyone is different, so everyone will have different worries which will show themselves in different ways. I, like many other people, think irrationally and have irrational thoughts. These thoughts can pop up out of nowhere, at the most random of times. They can also show themselves in many different ways, for example, a social concern or worry may be that ‘I can’t tell my best friends about this positivity journal I have been using because they will think that it is childish, and won’t want to be friends with me ever again’, or a health fear maybe, ‘I keep having this strange pain and I must be dying,’ or another worry may be, ‘I haven’t heard from this person in a while, they must be dead’.

None of these thoughts may be true, in the slightest, perhaps your friends will love the positivity journal you’ve been using and get one themselves, and maybe the person you haven’t heard from in a while has just been busy recently. 

Though these thoughts may occur, it is important to remember they are not true and aren’t going to happen. Irrational worries are irrational!

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What To Do When You Have These Worries

In the past when I have had an irrational worry, instead of thinking about it logically, I have obsessed over it. I have thought about only this worry, and this leads to overthinking which leads to even more irrational worries. However, this is not the way I deal with them anymore.

When a worry first pops into my head, I try to write it down, whether that’s on a bit of paper or in the notes on my phone. I then try to think logically about it, let’s use ‘the showing your friends the positivity journal’ worry again here. So instead of thinking your friends will laugh at you, your friends won’t want to talk to you again, or you’ll be embarrassed and so will your friends. Think about showing your friends, and how happy they will be that you are trying to improve yourself and your outlook on life, or think about how much they might admire a positivity journal and how it could help them. 

So, I first write down the worry, then try to think logically about it and think of a few different positive ideas and outcomes. Then, if I can do something about the worry, I do it. Say you haven’t heard from someone in a while and you are worried about them, then try to get in contact with them yourself. Communication is a two-way street. 

When I first started trying to cope with irrational worries, I had a notebook that I wrote my worry down in, along with my positive idea, and then the actual outcome. I had a positive outcome for all of my worries, and when I looked back through that notebook it helped me to put my worries into perspective. 

I hope this helped you and please share your tips and tricks on dealing with irrational worries!

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