How To Start And Stick To New Habits

My Advice

There is so much advice, tips and tricks available on the internet about creating and forming new habits, it can get confusing. I have tried so many things and some tips have worked brilliantly and others have not. I have found a few foolproof ways to start and stick to new habits that I can share with you so you don’t have to waste your time trying other ways that won’t work. 

Before You Start

Starting new habits can be fun and exciting but rushing into it is never a good idea. Before you start with your new habit it is important to ensure that you know exactly what you want to do and why. If you don’t know why you are starting a new habit then chances are when you start to feel unmotivated then you will give it up as you don’t have a good reason to continue with it. 

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My Steps

Stick To One

Although sometimes it can be tempting to start a few new habits all at once I think it is best to start with just one. This is because if you have a few new habits you want to form, it can seem overwhelming. This is because you are trying to do lots of different things you don’t normally do. By sticking to one you are able to form a new habit without it overwhelming you, then once you have formed one new habit you can start on another one. It is better for you to start one habit and then another one and another one slowly rather than start a few all at once and give up on all of them. 

Be Clear

When you first start doing a new thing that you want to become a habit it is important that you are clear with yourself. Have a clear reason why you are doing that, this will keep you motivated to continue. Also, set a clear time to do this new habit so you don’t allow yourself to keep procrastinating. If you don’t do this then you may keep pushing it off until you just give up altogether. 

Make It Part Of Your Schedule

Making your new habit part of your schedule can be one of the easiest ways to help yourself stick to new habits. Ensuring that you make time in your daily schedule is important as it means you will have a dedicated time to do your new habit every single day. Once you add something into your daily routine it is much easier to keep up with it and keep going.

Be Accountable

Hold yourself accountable when you are trying to form a habit. Ensure you keep up with it and don’t allow yourself to skip it. Another way to be accountable is to tell a friend, telling a friend about a new habit will make you 50% more likely to stick to it. 

Enjoy It

Enjoy your new habit, easier said than done sometimes but it is important that you do enjoy it. If you have started a new habit and it is making you miserable then you will not stick to it. Whether your new habit is exercising or journalling think about how it makes you feel afterwards. It is important you enjoy your habits and that they make you feel good. Enjoy the process and enjoy the transition. 

Do Not Skip More Than One Day

It is inevitable that at some point you will skip a day, maybe you aren’t feeling well or you just completely forgot. Regardless of the reason, it is important you do not skip more than one day. Ensure if you do it skip it one day that you do it the next day and don’t make it a habit to skip a day every now and then. 

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Forming and sticking to new habits can be difficult and incredibly tricky at times but it is important to persevere. Keep it up, motivate yourself and use all of these tips to help you. Once you have done it a couple of times it gets much easier and you will see the benefit of sticking to it. 

I believe we can all do whatever we set our minds to, we can use our habits to help us to succeed. Most highly successful people have lots of habits too and they swear by them. I hope this has helped you and if you have any more tips please let me know!

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