Weighted Blanket

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This is my current favourite purchase

I use this every single day and don't know what I would do without it.

This is the best blanket I have ever bought!

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This is my absolute favourite blanket in the world. It is a weighted blanket, the weight is just heavy enough to trigger a release of hormones that calm you and get you ready for sleep. Heavy blankets like this one can help to ground your body to promote restful sleep and also to improve your mood. Weighted blankets can help to decrease stress, they also can help anxiety, autism, sleep disorders and restless leg syndrome.

I absolutely love my weighted blanket and I am so happy I decided to get one. I use it every single day, I use my blanket if I am feeling particularly stressed or anxious and I really can see and feel the difference it makes. I also use it every night when I go to sleep, I don’t sleep well at all and can definitely see the difference this blanket has made. I would recommend this blanket to anyone and everyone, I really do think this could help everyone.



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