Blue Light Glasses

This is my current favourite purchase

These are super helpful if you use your computer or phone a lot and struggle form eye strain and headaches.

I love my pair!

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These blue light glasses are awesome! They help to block harmful blue rays from the sunlight and digital devices such as computers and phones. They help to relieve eye strain, fatigue and headaches. They also will help you sleep better as blue rays can prevent you from sleeping well. The glasses also have an anti-glare coating to prevent glare from light hitting the lenses. There are tons of different styles and colours so you can pick ones that

I was sceptical at first when I got mine but I love them. I have been using my laptop a lot recently and it always leaves me with a headache and strained eyes, so I decided to buy a pair of these blue light glasses. I haven’t had any headaches and my eyes don’t feel strained like they normally do after a day of using my laptop and phone. I would definitely recommend these if you use a laptop or computer a lot they have really helped me.



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