Different Journal Types – Journal Series Part 5

Different Types Of Journals

There are so many different types of journals and when I first started journaling, I found it a little bit confusing. I thought I  would make a blog explaining the different types of journals to help you decide which journal may be best for you. 

bullet journal with goals

Bullet Journal

I love my bullet journal and I use it to track and plan pretty much every aspect of my life. You can completely customise your bullet journal to you and pick pages and ideas that interest you and will help you. I use mine to plan every single week out and to track my activities and habits each and every day. 

Gratitude Journal

I think gratitude journals are really good to help you focus on the positive things in your life rather than the negative. In this journal you write down everything you are grateful for. I use my gratitude journal every day and write down at least three things I am grateful for. You don’t have to write three things if you can’t think of three things. 

When I first started writing in my gratitude journal I would only write done one thing for each day as I struggled to pick three different things every day but now I find it super easy to pick three things and quite often have more than three. 

Art Journal

If you are at all interested in art then this journal could be perfect for you. You can use it to sketch and doodle in or write down ideas and inspiration for your next piece of art.  If you want to try a new type of art you could write down how you feel about it and why you want to try it. 

Dream Journal

Have any weird and wacky dreams recently? Can’t remember anymore? I love the idea of having a dream journal. Keep this journal by your bed and when you wake up write down everything you can remember about your dream. This is an easy way to keep track of your dreams and can be really fun and interesting to look back on. 

Free Writing Journal

This journal is just what it sounds like. A journal for you to write freely in. Pick up your favourite pen and your journal and just write. It could be something you are worried about, something stuck in your head, a new idea or the way you feel about a recent activity. It doesn’t matter, this journal is for you to write whatever you want in. 

When writing in this journal your punctuation, spelling and grammar don’t matter. All that is important is that you write. You don’t need to waste time thinking about making your writing pretty either. This is my favourite journal type as it allows me to express myself and write down all my thoughts and feelings. 

Goal Planning Journal

Another one of my favourite journals which I use a few times a week. In this journal you can write down some goals you would like to achieve and plan how you will achieve them. You can write down all the steps you will need to put in place to achieve this goal.

This journal can be very helpful if you feel a little bit stuck or unmotivated as you can look back at your goal and look to see how far into achieving it you are and what your next steps should be. 

Bad Day Journal

I love this journal and I use it every time I have a bad day. I write down why I’m having a bad day, maybe I woke up feeling bad or maybe something went wrong during the day. Whatever it may be I write it down, then I write down how I feel about it. After writing this down I then like to think about how I will change whatever it is that is making me feel bad and write it down.

I also like to write a silver lining from the day. Even if you had a bad day chances are there was one good thing that happened to you, whether it was a nice cup of coffee or a phone call with a loved one. 

writing in notebook

This is still a small list and there are numerous other types of journals that you can do but these are my favourite and the ones I think are the most useful. Trying to pick the right journal for you is important and can help you stay motivated to continue journaling.

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