Journal Prompts – Journal Series Part 3

What Are Journal Prompts?

Journal prompts are simple statements or questions that will inspire you to write about them. Sometimes, no matter how much you want to write about something or start journaling you just don’t know what to write, so journal prompts will help you start. My favourite journal prompts are all questions because questions produce answers. Prompts are also brilliant at helping beginners start journaling. 

To help as many people as possible start their journaling journey I have created two different free printables for you to download and use. I have created a thirty-day challenge and a daily journal challenge.

journal page

Daily Journal Challenge

I have created a daily journal challenge for you. There are six questions for you to answer. These are the prompts I created for myself to start my journaling. They are simple questions that don’t require too much thought but they are perfect if you are just starting to journal. 

I think simple questions like these are brilliant to start with because they get you writing and this is the hardest part of starting to journal.

30 Day Journal Challenge

I created this journal challenge to help you start journaling. There is one question for each day. These questions are slightly more thought-provoking than the daily journal prompts. They require deeper thinking and probably a bit more writing too. Challenge yourself to try and write in as much detail as possible in these answers.

These two journal challenges can be completed at the same time or separately depending on what you would be more comfortable with. When I first started journaling I found some similar prompts and I used the daily ones in conjunction with a thirty-day challenge to kick start my writing. This helped me tremendously when I first started journaling as it was relatively easy to answer the questions and it kept me motivated to continue journaling to see my progress through the thirty days.

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