How To Have A Positive Mindset

What are the Benefits of a Positive Mindset?

There are so many proven benefits of having a positive mindset and attitude. Are you a glass half empty or half full type of person? Many studies have demonstrated that both outlooks affect both your physical and mental health. They also show that being a positive thinker is the best of the two. 

There are many proven benefits of positive thinking and having a positive outlook on life. They are:

  • Better quality of life
  • Better psychological and physical health
  • Fewer colds
  • Better stress management skills
  • Lower rates of depression 
  • Higher energy levels
  • Longer life span

Looking at this list you can see the importance of thinking positively, however, having a positive mindset won’t solve all of your problems. It will make your problems seem more manageable as it will help you to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

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How to Think Positively

There are so many ways that anyone can start to think more positively. The activities don’t have to be exceptionally time-consuming or difficult. The following ideas and examples are all things that I have incorporated into my daily routines to help me to have a positive mindset.

Practice Gratitude

Practising gratitude is one of the easiest ways for you to become more positive. It is known to reduce stress and allow us to improve self-esteem. There are thousands upon thousands of ways to practise gratitude. Some easy ways to do this are: 

  • Do something kind for someone every day
  • Spend quality time with your friends and family
  • Don’t speak badly about anyone or anything
  • Live mindfully
  • Try meditation
  • Smile more often
  • Find a good moment each day

Start a Gratitude Journal

I love my gratitude journal so much, I write in it every single day. Writing down things that you are grateful for can be very beneficial for you and help you become more positive. Every day I write out three things that I am grateful for some examples are:

  • sunlight
  • the ability to move my body
  • food
  • my family
  • sleep

The list goes on and on, it doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult. Any three things that you are grateful for can be written down, don’t stress too much about it. It doesn’t matter if you repeat things, as long as you do try to think of new ideas.

Spend Time With Positive People

Spending time with like-minded positive people will enable you to increase your self-esteem and also increase your chances of reaching goals. Have you ever noticed that if someone in the same room as you is being very negative it tends to bring down everyone else’s mood as well, but if they are positive the groups’ mood will be positive too. 

Start Every Day Off On A Positive Note

I like to start each and every day oof on a positive note. There are many ways you can do this:

  • Set a morning routine you love
  • Say a positive affirmation
  • Listen to a song you like

Find Your Silver Lining

Another way I keep a positive mindset is by finding the silver lining in my day. If I have an awful day and I’m feeling very negative I find it really helpful to think of something good that happened during my day. Sometimes I can only think of one thing and other times I can think of a few. They don’t need to be complicated, something as simple as a good cup of coffee or the way the sun poked through the clouds could be your silver lining. I have a page in my journal where I write these all down and sometimes when I am feeling negative I like to read through the list to cheer myself up and start thinking more positively.

Turn Failures Into Lessons

Everyone makes mistakes, it is part of life but I think what you do with the mistake afterwards is what makes you. Some people may fail at something and never try it again. I think it is very important to analyse your failures, see where you went wrong and use your new knowledge to try again. 

happy woman with fingers crossed

The Outcome Of Having A Positive Mindset

Having a positive mindset is a powerful tool that will help you in every area of your life. However, it is somewhat impossible to be positive all the time. We all think negatively or have bad days and that is fine. The aim of having a positive mindset isn’t to be positive all the time it is to be the best version of yourself you can be and maintain a healthy and happy mental state. 

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