My Current Morning Routine

New Normal

To help myself adjust to staying home and not being able to do my normal activities I have created lots of new routines. My new morning routine was the easiest to create as I picked activities that I enjoy doing but don’t always do very consistently. I decided to do this as I want to challenge myself and create new healthy habits.

tea on bed

The Steps in My Morning Routine

  1. Wake up – I am trying to stay consistent with the time I wake up at as I don’t want to fall into bad habits with my sleeping pattern. I aim to go to sleep at 10:30-11 pm and wake between 7-7:30 am.
  2. Open curtains and make my bed – I do this straight after I wake up so I am not tempted to stay in bed and watch tv or scroll through social media, I have lost hours doing this before so am trying my best to avoid doing it again.
  3. Drink water – I always have a cup or bottle next to my bed full of water in case I wake up in the night and am thirsty. I normally try to drink whatever is left in the glass or bottle.
  4. Drink a cup of tea – Usually by the time I get to this step my dad has bought me up a cup of tea. I am very lucky he does this for me in the morning as if I go to downstairs to make a cup of tea I usually get distracted and waste my time. I usually sit on my bed to drink this and just take some time to relax and look out the window and just watch the world a little bit before my day gets busy.
  5. Get changed – The next thing I do is get changed into some workout clothes, if I don’t do this straight away I tend to get very unmotivated and skip my workout. If I am really not in the mood to do any exercise I get changed and try to do some yoga or some stretches just so I move my body a little bit.
  6. Shower – After my workout, I shower, wash my face and brush my teeth.
  7. Get dressed – After my shower, I get dressed, some days all I want to wear is joggers and a t-shirt and some days I like to put on a pair of jeans and maybe some jewellery too.
  8. Planning and journaling – After all of this, I head over to my desk to plan the rest of my day. I make a to-do list every morning, some mornings the to-do list is very simple ( wash hair, change bedding, etc.) and some days it is more complex (write a new blog, organise drawer, etc.). Then I start my stream of consciousness journal to clear my head before continuing with the rest of my day.

journal on table

Why Do I Have A Morning Routine

There are many different reasons why I have a morning routine, the most important reason for me is it is my new routine. I like making routines and plans and doing certain activities and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I can no longer do my normal activities and routines. So, I had to create new routines. It allows me to add some structure into my day.

This new morning routine also allows me to fill up my morning with tasks and activities that make me feel good and productive. When I was making this routine I picked activities that I don’t normally do or don’t so very consistently that I wanted to turn into new habits. For example, exercising, I have added this into my morning as I want to start exercising more consistently and work on my fitness levels. I also have added it because it is a way to get my body moving as I am not leaving the house as often as I used to, therefore, not moving my body or getting anywhere near as much exercise as I normally would. Finally, I added exercise into my morning routine because if I don’t do it right away when I wake up I tend to keep procrastinating and putting it off until it is too late to do it at all.

Having this new morning routine also allows me to start my day off in a positive and productive manner. Most mornings I am excited to get out of my bed and start my routine. It sets me up to have a good day as I enjoy doing all the activities and I also plan out the rest of my day each morning. It takes up a good chunk of my morning, it can take anywhere between 2-3 hours to complete depending on how long I exercise for or how slow or fast I am.

bedroom in the morning

How To Create A Morning Routine

Creating my own ideal morning routine was very easy so I decided to make a plan to help you to create your own perfect morning routine.

  1. Decide a time you want to wake up every morning and stick to it as best you can.
  2. Pick a few activities that you enjoy doing or look forward to in the morning, for example, a cup of coffee, breakfast or a hot shower. By adding some activities that you enjoy you will be more inclined to get up and do your routine.
  3. Pick some tasks that you want to start doing or do more consistently, for example, exercising, journaling, meditating, yoga or reading. This will be an easy way for you to become more consistent with these activities and form new habits.
  4. Now just combine all of these activities and tasks in any order you like or that makes sense to you. This routine can take as much or as little time as you like.

You can experiment with this, change the order around, add or take away any activities you like until you find a routine that works best for you. Also if you wake up one day and skip a few steps of your routine it is important not to beat yourself up about it and just remember you can try again tomorrow morning.

If you have any ideas, questions or what ifs please contact me using the form below or by contacting me on my social media! Thank you for reading and I hope this helped you.

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