Silk Pillowcase

This is my current favourite beauty product

I think everyone should try some of these super luxurious pillowcases!

Who wouldn’t want to sleep on these fabulous pillowcases?

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I love these luxurious silk pillowcases! There are so many benefits to using these. Firstly, they reduce bedhead hair and split ends as the smooth surface of the pillowcase allows for less friction so less damage is caused to the hair. It can also help your skin as the smooth surface of the pillowcase means less friction on your face, friction will cause fine lines and wrinkles so less friction will slow the appearance of wrinkles. They are also just super luxurious! These pillowcases come in lots of different colours too, so you can pick whatever you like. Who doesn’t want to go to sleep on a super soft and smooth pillowcase, sounds very relaxing to me!


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