Beetles Gel Nail Polish

This is my favourite beauty product this week!

The colours are super bright and beautiful.

This is my favourite brand of gel nail polish I have found so far.

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I love this brand of gel nail polish, they are definitely my favourite by far! They have so many beautiful colours that are all very vivid and pigmented. I have tried and tested lots of gel nail polishes that require 5-6 coats before the colour can be seen properly. These polishes are the opposite of that, they only require 2-3 coats of the polish. The consistency of the polish is also wonderful. I am very picky about nail polish consistency, I hate when it is super thin and runs everywhere and I also hate super thick gloopy polishes too. This polish consistency is awesome, it’s not too thin or too thick. The brushes are also amazing they are the perfect size and shape for your nails.

I love this set of gel nail polishes as the colours are beautiful in this set! I recently painted my sister and my mum’s nails with polishes from this set and they love the colours too!


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