Hi. I'm What If Jaime

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My name is Jaime and my head is always full of what if's! The idea of my blog is to tell you all about and deal with what if's!


What if's, Plans & Ideas

If you are reading this your probably just like me. Take a look around, you’ll find lots of ideas, stories, plans, schedules and links to lots of other interesting stuff.

This Weeks Favourites


My Favourite Book

My current favourite book is Hush Little Baby by Joanna Barnard.


My Favourite Entertainment

I have recently finished watching Suits and it is currently my all time favourite series.


My Favourite Beauty Product

This is the product I am currently obsessing over. 


My Favourite Purchase

This is my absolute favourite purchase of the moment.

My life is complicated for reasons only a few would understand. I have struggled with coming to terms with my autism & anxiety. In the last few years I have worked out what works well for me, and what doesn't. My site was designed to help others find ways of dealing with the challenge's life throws at them daily.